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Plant-Based Dyes for Ribbons and Textiles

Plant-Based Dyes for Ribbons and Textiles

Posted by Mellow the TCG Florist on 27th Feb 2018

Just like contemporary calligraphy and creative hand lettering have become the perfect way to “personalize” weddings and events, custom-dyed fabrics and ribbons are becoming an essential and inspiring component of 2018 designs.

This is a great way to add a custom yet personal touch to flower arrangements and table settings.

There are wonderful options for this design element from talented makers of small-batch ribbon collections sold online or thru their shops on Etsy (one of our favorite places to shop!!!)

To really add a distinctive touch to your wedding the newest way to get a custom colors or widths is to dye-your-own. If you plan ahead you can plant a textile lover’s dye garden employing perennials, annuals and herbs known to produce beautiful hues.

Check out the following books as resources THE MODERN NATURAL DYER by Kristine Vejar or NATURAL COLOR by Sasha Duerr, these two talented ladies are teaching timeless textile dyeing methods that can help with this process.

If you don’t have time to grow plants and dye your own items(because face it who does???) there are many florists learning this art and they can help you create a custom look for your ribbons, napkins etc. and as an add on service to your wedding floral arrangements. 

Natural herbs and kitchen pantries can yield colors ranging from soft and subtle blushes to vibrant indigo. With seasonally harvested botanicals nature’s bounty continues to elevate floral designs to a whole new level and we anticipate that floral artists will continue to “personalize” textiles with petals seeds, leaves or bark to expand the boundaries of color.

This makes an exciting new trend and we look forward to seeing the creativity of our customers!

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