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Quick Dip- Your Secret Weapon for long-lasting flowers

Quick Dip- Your Secret Weapon for long-lasting flowers

Posted by Mellow the TCG Florist on 22nd Mar 2018

Floralife Quick Dip 100 Hydrating Treatment

When we cut flowers or purchase cut flowers we want them to last! What fun is it to have flowers for a few hours or days and then they look terrible and we must throw them out? 

Quick Dip 100

Is there a solution to this problem?

FloraLife Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment can be your secret weapon to beautiful long-lasting flowers. 

We use this product on every flower we bring into our shop.

Quick Dip is safe for all flower types!

Why do we use it? (A little flower science may help here)...

All flowers carry water and nutrients to the vital areas through a capillary system called “xylem” (think tiny drinking straws). These capillaries act like straws to keep stems, leaves and petals supplied with fluids aka moisture. This process is called Hydration. 

There are basically two reasons why the hydration process fails which equals dead flowers:

  1. The flower’s capillaries (drinking straws) become blocked and plugged from either air bubbles or dirt particles. Best example is roses that can’t hold up their heads (we floral people call it bent neck)
  2. The flower’s capillaries can also be blocked when the flower is placed in a stressed environment like excessive heat or no water (again nature’s drinking straws become blocked with air or just plain dry)

Quick Dip 100 solves both these issues. This solution creates the perfect PH levels and keeps the flower stems free flowing and we have beautifully hydrated flowers.

How hard is it to use? Easiest product ever, so easy no excuse not to use it!

  1. Pour 1 to 2 inches of Quick Dip in a nonmetallic clean container (use as it comes no need to dilute).
  2. Dip newly cut flower stems in it for 1 second.
  3. Place flower in clean vase filled with floral solution mixed with water (next Blog topic coming soon)

A Couple Pro Tips:

  • Do not pour used fluid back in container, do not want to contaminate your unused solution.
  • Do not use with metal cups. Do not leave shears, pruners or any metal tool in this solution.
  • Perfect for your fresh cut garden flowers, they will last sooo much longer is use this prior to arranging them.
  • We love this product for all flowers but especially for Roses, Gerberas, Lilac Blooms and Hydrangeas

Now you know the best kept secret of our shop, and why time after time our customers comment on how long our flowers last!!! Make sure an add this “tool” to your spring and summer gardening tricks!